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If you live too far away or are unable to visit our office, we can come to you through a video conference.

Get Video Access to Evaluation and Consultation with our Suntime Vision Specialist

Introducing telehealth neuro-vision evaluations and video conference with Suntime Vision Specialist to discuss results and treatment recommendations. Depending on the depth of the vision problem, treatment may include a combination of special glasses, in-office and telehealth sessions.

The first step is a free video conference with Mr. Stanley to see if you or your child qualifies for the telehealth neuro-vision evaluation. During the video conference Mr. Stanley will be speaking with the parent or the patient (if the patient is an adult). Please make sure the child is not in the same room with you so you can talk freely with Mr. Stanley.

During the telehealth neuro-vision evaluations, Mr. Stanley will be able to evaluate many of the visual skills that are tested in the in-office evaluation. However, because of the distance he will not be able to prescribe any lenses/spectacles. An in-office appointment is required for these. During the telehealth evaluation, Mr. Stanley will be able to determine if the in-office appointment is critical to determine the best treatment options. He will also determine if telehealth vision therapy will be part of your treatment plan.
To schedule your free video conference with Mr. Stanley, please fill out the contact us page.

Below is some sample for the Telehealth service :

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