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Special Needs

Autism & Vision

Children with special needs are either unaware or unable to tell you they have trouble seeing. Autism Spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities can be more challenging when untreated vision problems are present. Find out how we can help...



Does your child have Dyslexia? Children with Dyslexia often have eye coordination, tracking and visual information processing problems which make reading even more difficult. We can help! The solution depends on the severity and type of Dyslexia.


Reading Ease

Our ReadingEase System is a unique system of lenses and/or therapy for someone with dyslexia symptoms. It has been clinically proven to improve...



Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a type of physical therapy for the eyes and brain. It is a highly effective non-surgical treatment for many common visual problems such as..


Down Syndrome

Vision Problems can add to your child's challenges. A hidden vision problem can change your child's behaviour, interfere with reading, learning and make it harder to perform routine tasks...


Visual Perceptual Delays

Its no surprise that visual-perceptual delays are common in children with Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Visual-perceptual skill refers to a person's ability to interpret...



Can we just do the vision therapy at home ourselves?

Unfortunately no. Vision therapy requires constant supervision by the Behavioral Optometrist or vision therapist who can monitor whether a given activity is too easy or too difficult, as well as determine whether the patient is seeing the target correctly.

If done improperly it may actually make vision less efficient. We do however, assign home therapy to be done in conjunction with in-­office therapy.

How young can eye sight problems be tested?

We are seeing 6th month old infant onwards. Frequently after we tested their child, parents will ask "How young can i test?". A common misconsception lots of time people have is that they think that their child need to know "alphabets" then only can test. But we able to perform the test, while checking their health, as well as their development. That's why sometimes short-sightedness can be prevent

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