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Have You Been Told That Your 2 Eyes Are Imbalanced, Different Power ?

Sometimes one eye is stronger than the other and can see a lot better.  As a result you use the stronger eye more often and the other eye can become lazy (often called lazy eye).  Unfortunately because the 2 eyes are not being used together correctly, it can make your eyes tired.  In addition, you […]

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Why Behavioural Or Developmental Optometrist ?

Q. WHY DO YOU CALL YOURSELVES BEHAVIOURAL OPTOMETRISTS? A. Vision problems can cause eyestrain and headaches when reading, which affectsconcentration and comprehension and often causes a child to avoid reading. This is justone example of vision affecting behaviour. Q. WHY DO YOU CALL YOURSELVES DEVELOPMENTAL OPTOMETRISTS? A. Vision develops, we all learn to focus, use […]

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Vision And Hearing Are Tied To Cognitive Decline

Now and then I hear someone (myself included) proclaim “my brain is on overload.” This is not surprising given the myriad complex tasks the brain performs, among them enabling you to learn, plan, remember, communicate, see, hear and smell. Perhaps also not surprising, a growing number of studies have linked compromised sensory functions like poor […]

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Adult Vt To Correct Strabismus And Surgery

It has been very therapeutic to write it down for the first time so honestly. Just a warning: it’s quite long, but I hope this helps someone out there in some way! I was born in the outback of Western Australia 37 years ago. In the earliest months of life, my parents noticed a turn […]

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Syntonics Light Therapy

If you’ve never experienced vision therapy, then chances are slim that you’ve heard of syntonics. Syntonics, which is a form of light therapy, serves as the starting point for nearly all vision therapy patients! Also referred to as optometric phototherapy, the practice of syntonics consists of sending frequencies of light to the brain through the […]

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Stress Relieving Lenses, Therapeutic Lenses

by Steve Gallop, O.D.  (Published 1999; Journal of Behavioral Optometry, Vol. 10, #4) INTRODUCTION I well remember the inscription on Dr. Robert Kraskin’s retinoscope-holster/belt; PLUS FOR ALL.  This slogan referred to the notion that every individual would perform with greater comfort and efficiency if they utilized the appropriate near lenses. Kraskin often referred to such […]

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