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Sun Time Vision Specialist (Kuala Lumpur), well-known in Neuro vision therapy since 2010, we have seen a lot patients with Vision problems who came from other countries e.g. Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia etc and different states of Malaysia. We pride ourselves in offering our clients the highest level of Vision therapy by investing in the latest technology and professional education development for our optician, vision specialist, optometrist and therapist. As a Neuro-Developmental and Behavioural Optometrist who is Board Certified in Vision Development and Vision Therapy by the International College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD,located in the US) and by the Australasian College of Behavioural Optometry(FACBO,Australia) . He has his Master’s Degree in Clinical Optometry and Vision Therapy. , Mr Stanley is dedicated in helping his patients with Vision problems overcome their visual roadblocks to achieve successful visual clarity.

  • Developing 3D vision

    This card is simply too cute and creative for words. It was a farewell occasion for one of our patients migrating to Germany. Her parents came to us early of the year inquiring about treatment for...

  • Great difficulty in focus my sight

    For years, I have had great difficulty in focusing my sight while doing routine tasks such as writing and editing technical manuscripts for academic research. I used to get migraines within the first...

  • Mikayla

    Before vision therapy, Mikayla was having problems with reading, focusing and most importantly, a low self-esteem and always tired at near task activities especially after school . Obviously, her...

  • Kellen Enjoy his reading NOW !!!

    Even after graduating from vision therapy, Kellen's visual skills keep developing and now he reads for enjoyment. Well done, Kellen!

  • Teenager We Able To Help

    We have many Vision therapy success stories, this is one of them. Here's our latest Vision Therapy graduate!!!

  • We Can Help Developmental Delay

    Before vision therapy Shafiqi was having some challenges in appreciating his surroundings. He had little value for anything that he did and could not care for things around him.

  • Reading

    Before vision therapy Nolianga was struggling academically. Reading was a tedious task to her – she lost her place or missed some words.

  • Reading problems ? Irlen syndrome ? sensitive to light ?

    Congratulations to Elaine for completing vision therapy!

  • Kenny

    Kenny, a medical doctor, struggled for about 4 – 5 years with the vision problem and glasses prescription still giving him occasional double vision. He...

  • James

    A Success Story of James’ Learning. Here's the comment by his mom: James has achieved a higher reading level than he ever could before. He is also able...

  • Better Vision

    This time, let's hear the story of an adult who has found success in having better vision.

  • Mom's Success Story

    Glad to hear from a mom who shared her success story about her son's changes.

  • Layla

    Before vision therapy LAYLA was having problems with: headaches or dizziness, tired eyes and skipping lines while reading.

  • Lucy

    Before vision therapy LUCY was having problems with her reading speed, her eye co-ordination, her tracking...


Can we just do the vision therapy at home ourselves?

Unfortunately no. Vision therapy requires constant supervision by the Behavioral Optometrist or vision therapist who can monitor whether a given activity is too easy or too difficult, as well as determine whether the patient is seeing the target correctly.

If done improperly it may actually make vision less efficient. We do however, assign home therapy to be done in conjunction with in-­office therapy.

How young can eye sight problems be tested?

We are seeing 6th month old infant onwards. Frequently after we tested their child, parents will ask "How young can i test?". A common misconsception lots of time people have is that they think that their child need to know "alphabets" then only can test. But we able to perform the test, while checking their health, as well as their development. That's why sometimes short-sightedness can be prevent

Not all Practitioners are trained in Vision Development

An FCOVD & FACBO is a board-certified fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development from U.S and Australia, meaning they have demonstrated advanced competency in the areas of vision development, binocular vision, visual information processing, and vision therapy. Fellowship (FCOVD& FACBO) requires adherence to the exacting standards of the College.

Fellow of The College of Optometrists in Vision Development, FCOVD

Fellow of The Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists, FACBO

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