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Since its establishment in 1985, Sun Time Optical (Optometry) Segamat remains committed to providing high quality eye examinations and optical services.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients the highest level of optical care, by investing in the latest technology and professional development for our opticians & vision specialist. In 2010, the centre introduced state-of-the-art, advanced equipment to provide the highest quality comprehensive eye examination and visual eye care for all.

As an eyecare centre of international professional standard, Sun Time Optometry in Segamat & Kuala Lumpur is committed to offering a one-stop, quality eyecare service, including Optometric Vision Therapy, Comprehensive Eye Examination, Paedriatic Eye Examination, Color Vision Testing & Solutions, Visual Field Testing, Glaucoma Examination, Contact Lens Fitting and Aftercare, Low Vision Aids Service, as well as Optical Dispensing of Spectacles and Sunglasses.

Mr. Stanley Tien

Mr. Stanley Tien is a Neuro-Developmental and Behavioural Optometrist who is Board Certified in Vision Development and Vision Therapy(FCOVD). His advanced training uniquely enables him to serve children and adults, especially those with complex visual disorders. He gives careful evaluation and therapy of visual disorders associated with ADD/ADHD, Autism, Brain Injury, Dyslexia, Lazy Eye, Learning/Reading Disabilities, and Mental Retardation. He began his optical interest with a Diploma of Dispensing Optician. Based on his faith in this field, he further studied and completed his Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Optometry, from University of Wales (Cardiff, United Kingdom).

He travels across the world to attend conferences and reads the latest journals, bringing the most current knowledge available directly to benefit those who visits Sun Time Vision Specialist Centre Kuala Lumpur for consultations. As a vision specialist, Mr Stanley Tien understands how problems with our visual system can affect cognitive and motor function, as well as the unique visual demands of many different activities e.g. copying from the board, spelling, catching a ball or looking at a computer screen. With specialties in Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometry,Paediatric Optometry, Geriatric Care, Vision Therapy , Color Therapy & Colour Vision Solution, he went through a year of additional training at Mayday Eye Hospital(London). In addition he pursued post graduate education in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States.

He is also a Fellow and member of College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Australian College of Behavioural Optometrists, American Optometric Association, British Contact Lenses Association and a Fellow of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians. As a Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral optometrist, Mr Stanley Tien needs to be familiar with the unique demands of different activities that people engage in on a daily basis. For example, he understands the vision skills required for reading, writing and spelling and how they differ from the vision skills required by a music student trying to sight-read the music.

He brought the New Colourist System to Malaysia to help patients diagnosed with Colour Deficiency and Dyslexia. He is also brought Neuro-Vision Therapy to Malaysia. The Vision Therapy provided at Sun Time Vision Specialist Centre Kuala Lumpur helps those with Autism, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, Lazy Eye and Learning-Related Visual Problems. Patients come from different parts of Malaysia, as well as from Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Mr. Tien is dedicated to helping his patients overcome the visual roadblocks to their success, knowing that proper vision care plays a vital role in a child’s overall growth, development and academic success. The goal of Sun Time Vision Specialist Centre is to ensure that all children within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur have better vision for a better life.

Dedicated To Helping You Get The Best Care

As Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist , Mr. Tien is dedicated to bringing you the best care to ensure the excellent results.
The field of Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation is an emerging field. There is a wealth of information and research being made available on a regular basis. In order to stay at the top of his field, and ensure you are receiving the absolute best care possible, not only does Mr. Tien travel throughout the world to attend continuing education classes, but he brings his vision therapists whenever possible.

Since Mr. Tien is the Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist vision specialist in Malaysia we thought you might like to hear what his colleagues in the US, UK and Australia have to say about his training and clinical skills :

"Mr. Stanley Tien is like no other optometrist in Malaysia. He has attained the highest professional credentials available including Fellowship in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and the Australian College of Behavioral Optometrists and in several other organizations. As a Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist, he is the first in Malaysia Private Practice who is Board Certified in Vision Development and Vision Therapy. Mr Stanley brings his wealth of didactic knowledge and proven clinical expertise to provide the highest quality care to all of his patients. His expertise in strabismus, amblyopia and binocular vision dysfunction helps his patients achieve single, clear, comfortable two-eyed vision. He also improves the quality of life for those with traumatic brain injury and concussion and other disabilities including ADHD, autism and those with reading/learning difficulties. I have had an opportunity to get to know this fine gentleman and I can easily recommend him to you. Mr. Stanley Tien is the eye care professional and vision specialist you want taking care of you, your family and your friends. "

Dominick M. Maino, OD, MEd, FAAO. FCOVD-A
Professor of Pediatrics/Binocular Vision
Illinois College of Optometry/Illinois Eye Institute
Chicago, Il USA

"During this time we have come to know him as a very intelligent and competent optometrist specializing in the area of Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometry and Neuro- Optometric Vision Therapy. Mr. Stanley is always seeking out new and better ways to help his patients. He has a strong desire to always improve his knowledge and he has travelled frequently to the USA and Europe to further his professional education .He is very intelligent and competent vision specialist specializing in the area of Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometry and Optometric Vision Therapy. Mr. Stanley is always seeking out new and better ways to help his patients. He has a strong desire to always improve his knowledge and he has travelled frequently to the USA and Europe to further his professional education. "

Dr Robert Sanet, OD, FCOVD and Linda Sanet, COVT
San Diego, United States

Since then I have shared time with Mr. Stanley at numerous educational that I also taught and have been learning new concepts alongside of him in other classes. He has always been very inquisitive and asking questions until he crystallizes the new concepts so they are meaningful to him (and his patients). He has come a long way in learning the concepts of Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral vision and visual training. I am now honoured to call him a friend and true colleague. He is a pioneer of behavioural vision care in Malaysia. He has accumulated a lot of state of the art knowledge from vision care experts across the world and has brought it home to Sun Time Vision Specialist Centre to help his patients like no one else can. I would trust him with caring for my patients and even my own children if they were in Malaysia."

Dr R. A Hohendorf, OD
Michigan, United States

"I recommend seeing Mr. Stanley Tien for his Neuro-vision therapy optometric services. As my father's side of the family come from Seremban and I have friends and relations throughout Malaysia I am happy to see that Mr. Tien is providing this valuable service locally. Vision therapy allows me to help my patients far more than orthoptics can. You are fortunate to have Mr. Stanley Tien in your midst to help you. All the best to the people in Malaysia."
Terima Kasih

Mark Menezes BSc (Hons) Optom, FACBO
Clinical Demonstrator Children's and Binocular Vision Clinic, Aston University
Birmingham, United Kingdom

"What strikes me about Mr. Stanley Tien is his dedication to his patients. He has a genuine desire to help patients to achieve their potential, by alleviating problems with their vision through Neuro-vision therapy. He is committed to staying at the forefront of the area of Neuro- vision therapy, in order to pass the benefit of this knowledge to his patients."

Meredith Graham,FACBO
Neuro-Developmental & Behavioral Optometrist
Brisbane , Australia

"There is an exciting emerging new therapy - solution for a multitude of visual problems and Mr Stanley Tien, Neuro-Developmental & Behavioural optometrist, is pioneering providing Neuro-visual therapy in Malaysia. Visual Therapy or VT has been practiced around the world by several thousand optometrists but is just finding its way into Malaysia. "As Professor at Southern College of Optometry, I have taught and worked with Mr Stanley and know that he is applying what he has learned to the highest level possible and delivering unprecedented excellence in vision care in Malaysia."

Professor, Southern College of Optometry

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