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Children Vision

We have a series of assessments (Children Vision) and techniques to help your child.

Eye Turn & Lazy Eye

Looking for an alternative to surgery? Tired of patching? We are able to correct lazy eye without daily patching and many eye turns can be corrected without surgery.



Vision & Learning

Many children we see in our office passed vision screenings and other eye exams yet their eyes weren’t moving correctly when they were reading. The ability to see the letters on an eye chart is just one of 17 visual skills that are critical to reading and learning...


Neuro-Developmental Vision Evaluation

A Neuro-Developmental Vision Evaluation is needed for children and adults who struggle with reading and learning, had a head injury, an eye turn or lazy eye (strabismus or amblyopia).


Vision Development

Vision develops from infancy through childhood and continues to change throughout our lives. Proper vision development plays a vital role in your child’s overall growth and development.


Vision Information Processing

Visual information is developed or processed in our brain. As a Neuro-Developmental Optometrist, Mr. Tien diagnoses and treats visual information processing problems...



Why Smart Kids Struggle to Learn


Can we just do the vision therapy at home ourselves?

Unfortunately no. Vision therapy requires constant supervision by the Behavioral Optometrist or vision therapist who can monitor whether a given activity is too easy or too difficult, as well as determine whether the patient is seeing the target correctly.

How young can eye sight problems be tested?

We are seeing 6th month old infant onwards. Frequently after we tested their child, parents will ask "How young can i test?". A common misconsception lots of time people have is that they think that their child need to know "alphabets" then only can test. But we able to perform the test, while checking their health, as well as their development. That's why sometimes short-sightedness can be prevent

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