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Adult Vision

Vision & Eyesight

Eyesight is simply the ability to see something clearly. Vision goes beyond eyesight and can best be defined as understand what is seen. Vision involves the ability to take incoming vision information process ...


Eye Turn & Lazy Eye (Adult

We provide a very effective, non-surgical treatment that helps our adult patients eliminate eye turns and lazy eye.



Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

People who suffer from concussion and other head injuries, Neuro-Developmental or Neuro-Degenerative Disorders commonly have various Functional Vision Problems leading to decreased performance of Activities of Daily Living. This can cause double vision...


It's Time to Get Rid of Your Reading Glasses

Do you have problems wearing reading glasses and/or bifocals? Tired of losing or misplacing your glasses? We can help...



Can we just do the vision therapy at home ourselves?

Unfortunately no. Vision therapy requires constant supervision by the Behavioral Optometrist or vision therapist who can monitor whether a given activity is too easy or too difficult, as well as determine whether the patient is seeing the target correctly.

If done improperly it may actually make vision less efficient. We do however, assign home therapy to be done in conjunction with in-­office therapy.

How young can eye sight problems be tested?

We are seeing 6th month old infant onwards. Frequently after we tested their child, parents will ask "How young can i test?". A common misconsception lots of time people have is that they think that their child need to know "alphabets" then only can test. But we able to perform the test, while checking their health, as well as their development. That's why sometimes short-sightedness can be prevent

Is it too late for age over 10 year old to treat lazy eye?

While you may have been told that there is a golden/critical period where you can treat Strabismus/Amblyopia, and that after this period it is no longer possible for lazy eye treatment or eye turning treatment - research has found that it is possible to help both conditions no matter how old you are, even if you are an adult.

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