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How To Identify And Correct Double Vision

Sometimes when the eye, mind, or body is exhausted, one can lose clarity in their vision; it can become blurred or even doubled. Some people suffer from (diplopial, Double image) double vision consistently in their lives; this condition is referred to as diplopia (Double image). Diplopia (Double image) can cause headaches and other common ailments, and it takes the help of a studied Optometrist to treat the condition of double vision.

Mr. Stanley Tien is one such specialist and is the main Neuro-developmental & Behavioral optometrist at SunTime Vision Specialist Neuro-Developmental Optometry and Vision Therapy Services.

He believes that with some hard work, both children and adults can see tremendous results and a major life change. With offices in Kuala Lumpur, they strive to provide the best vision therapy treatments in the area. Mr. Stanley has years of experience helping both children and adults to turn vision disorders into functional vision through therapy, and they would love to meet you and help you achieve a major life change.

Double vision

How Does Double Vision Occur?

Double vision (double image, Diplopia) can come into play in two different ways. Strabismus (eye turn, squint eye) is the failure of both eyes to fuse images into one three-dimensional picture to display for the mind. If one is plagued with strabismus (squint eye, eye turn), their eyes do not point at one object at the same time, causing double vision (double image, diplopia) and the inability for the brain to digest one single picture. The second way that one can acquire the condition of double vision (double image, diplopia) is if they have a refractive error (power) that has not been corrected. When there is a refractive error (power) in one’s vision, the view of an object is split into two images due to an error in the optical system; this can be caused by astigmatism, keratoconus, and cataracts.

What Trials Does Double Vision Cause?

In the case of double vision (double image, diplopia), the brain will block out one image that the mind is seeing in order to process the visual information that it receives. If this visual suppression occurs for a long period of time, especially in children, the visual system can become permanently impaired. When one eye becomes consistently suppressed it can become lazy, a common condition that is medically referred to as amblyopia (lazy eye). It can be difficult to treat the side effects of Strabismus (eye turn, squint eye) as they are a physiological result of the brain working to correct the ailment.

How Can Double Vision Be Treated?

Sometimes it can be easy to apply Frosted lenses or different types of depth filters to eliminate the double vision but it is just a temporary solution.

The frosted lens on the Left eye

Before attempting to treat double vision (double image, diplopia), one must visit an Optometrist in order to find which condition is causing the vision to duplicate.

If one suffers from Strabismus (eye turn, squint eye) they may have to undergo surgical straightening of the eye, practice eye exercises, or go through a combination of both treatments. Neuro-Vision Therapy (Eye therapy) or exercises are practiced with the goal of straightening the strabismic (eye turn, squint eye) eye without surgery and in turn repair the visual pathway that is not properly connecting to the brain.

Neuro Vision Therapy or Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

If double vision (double image, diplopia) is related to astigmatism a patient will be prescribed corrective lenses to alleviate their duplicate vision.

If cataracts are present in the optical system then a patient will possibly be referred to cataract surgery in order to repair the issue.

Whichever cause or treatment is necessary to repair double vision, the guidance of an experienced Behavioral & Neuro-developmental Optometrist is necessary. Regular visits to an optometrist from the age of six months are ideal for attaining optimal eye health.

If a patient has been visiting an Optometrist or eye care professional for regular checkups, then it is less likely that they will have to take part in surgery to correct their double vision(double image, diplopia) problems.

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